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Highlights from OSI's Western Canada Summit

June 13, 2023

The return of in-person events brought an air of excitement and anticipation as OSI's Western Canada Summit welcomed attendees from all over. The event—which took place June 9 to 11 at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC—began with a warm welcome, embracing both new and familiar faces and emphasizing a strong sense of community. 

A breeding ground for idea-sharing, the summit covered diverse topics (in-store branding, HR, security) that sparked rich exchanges among peers. A collaborative spirit fueled the event—members shared real-world anecdotes and valuable insights that coloured workshops, roundtables, COPE Accredited learning sessions, and numerous social affairs. 

Indeed, the knowledge and guidance provided by prominent figures such as Adam Rodricks, Gloria Di Francesco, Dr. Vargo, Nancy Dewald, and Dr. Kerry Salsberg also played a huge role in driving the happening's success. Their expertise and unique insights ensured everyone walked away armed with fresh strategies and a vision for what's next.

And while the summit delved into serious topics such as industry challenges and comprehensive solutions, it also left lots of space for fun! Attendees had a blast at the SMILEY PARTY and our Jeopardy! tournament sparked some friendly competition. There was a comedy show, chatty cocktail soirees… Oh, and let's not forget the tradeshow. The highlight of the event, this meet-up between members and suppliers proved to have the liveliest vibes at the summit.

OSI extends its heartfelt gratitude to all attendees for their invaluable contributions to making the Western Canada Summit an extraordinary success. The summit showcased the strength of the community and reaffirmed our commitment to championing independent optometry together. OSI remains dedicated to providing ongoing support and eagerly anticipates future opportunities for growth and learning. The future looks bright for independent optometry in Western Canada and beyond.

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