Buying Group

One single invoice - A multitude of savings - 100% paperless!

volume purchase program

Group Purchasing

The OSI Group negotiates with over 100 accredited suppliers so you don’t have to. The strength of our network gives you access to exclusive discounts. Saving money on your product purchases increases your profitability and competitive edge. It’s really quite simple!

Fully Paperless Centralized Invoicing

Our centralized invoicing combines all your purchases from accredited suppliers in one place. It is then possible for us to produce an online summary of your monthly account statement. Savings applied to the monthly purchases are calculated for each clinic.

Taking steps towards a greener future. We have provided you with an option to make viewing your online account statement easier. You can access via your laptop, tablet or computer.

Centralized Payments

Imagine the freedom of only having one invoice to pay every month! Our management system reduces the burden of admin work for everything from checking for your discounts to paying suppliers. Thanks to this service, you’re just a few clicks away from settling your accredited supplier invoices. Take advantage of our electronic pre-authorized payments and let OSI worry about the paperwork!

Financing Your Equipment

This exclusive service ensures your line of credit remains intact, has no penalties for early repayment and your installments are included on your OSI monthly statement.

Simply and effectively maximize the use of your line of credit for short term liquidity by financing your equipment with our 3 or 5 year lease terms.

  • "Thanks to the new integrated online ordering service, I can order lenses directly from the catalogue and receive my shipment two days sooner."


    Dr. Conrad Doiron’s clinic, New-Brunswick
  • "My patients often choose to purchase a second pair thanks to the quality of the lenses and the favourable rates offered for multi-pairs that were negotiated with the Maestro private label."

    Dr. Karen Hodgins

    Campus Vision, Calgary
  • "It was difficult for my employees to sell sunglasses. Following an in-clinic training offered by Michelle McLeod, my Regional Account Manager, my employees acquired skills and are now more confident to share the importance of quality sunglasses with our patients."

    Dr Neil Paterson

    Oak Bay Optometry, Victoria