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The OSI Group exclusive Digital Signage Solution

Transform your waiting room experience.

Web services for Optometrists

Your waiting room offers a great opportunity to transform your patient experience.

The OSI Group exclusive Digital Signage Solution allows you to showcase your clinic, the products you offer and educate waiting patients on eye health. As a result, you will facilitate patient dialogue, meet otherwise unmet needs and increase sales per customer.

Having a Digital Signage Solution in place also declutters your waiting room and reduces patient’s perceived waiting time. You will be one step closer to maximizing your patient experience before their exam even starts.

Show off your products & services and your practice will see the benefits.

  • Promote your clinic's services
  • Increase your sales per patient
  • Allow your patients to tap into unmet medical needs
  • Declutter your waiting room
  • Reduce percieved patient wait time
  • Help facilitate doctor-patient dialogue
  • Inform your patients about eye health

Our Digital Signage Package offers plug & play technology.

The digital signage package offers plug & play technology as well as customizable playlists completely managed remotely by our team. It’s as simple as plugging in an HDMI streaming device into your television screen.

"An all-in-one customizable solution."

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  • "Jas has been able to make my transition to practice ownership as seamless as possible by providing me with the resources I need to run and grow my practice. Jas has an infectious enthusiasm for independent optometry, so when she recommended the OSI Leadership and Management Training course, I knew I had to take the time out of my busy schedule to complete it. This gave me the chance to work directly with Jas over the past few months and learn from her experience in, and knowledge of, the industry. Since I am a solo practitioner and relatively new practice owner, I feel very lucky to have Jas as my Practice Advisor to help me navigate the constant and ever-changing challenges of practice ownership."

    Dr. Jaclyn Chang

    Optometrist, Toronto
  • "Thanks to the new integrated online ordering service, I can order lenses directly from the catalogue and receive my shipment two days sooner."


    Dr. Conrad Doiron’s clinic, New-Brunswick
  • "My patients often choose to purchase a second pair thanks to the quality of the lenses and the favourable rates offered for multi-pairs that were negotiated with the Maestro private label."

    Dr. Karen Hodgins

    Campus Vision, Calgary