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November 21, 2023

Your clinic's website is more than just an online showcase. It is an essential resource for your patients, providing information about eye diseases and your products and services. Your site reflects the identity of your clinic and communicates your patient-care philosophy eloquently.

Did you know that websites have an expiration date? Generally, their lifespan is 2 to 3 years. Trends are constantly evolving, and Google is continually adjusting its search algorithm. Therefore, it's crucial to develop an update strategy for your site and its content that considers the technological and stylistic changes in the industry.

Start by evaluating your site

Several elements should be considered when evaluating your website. First, make sure it can be easily found by Google searches. Then check that it loads quickly and correctly on all mobile or desktop devices. Test site navigation to ensure it's simple and intuitive for visitors. Make your contact information easily identifiable and clickable and highlight call-to-action buttons for appointments, products, and contact info. Finally, check all the links on your site to ensure they work correctly and correspond to their labeling.

Optimize your site's user experience

Firstly, simplify site navigation so visitors can easily access the information they're looking for. Place the navigation menu at the top or to the left and ensure it remains visible while scrolling through the page. Loading speed is crucial, as visitors have little patience and will quickly abandon a site that runs slow.

Pay particular attention to your site's aesthetics by hiring web development specialists. Web page design should be both attractive and functional for visitors. Regularly update content to better meet client needs. Lastly, ensure a logical flow of content between pages to encourage visitors to explore further.

Align your site with your patients' needs

To help patients get to know you better, establish an informative and attractive "About Us" page. This page is generally one of the most visited on clinic websites. Introduce your team via photos and bios and clearly state your mission and values.

Become an information source for patients, providing eye care insights and offering multiple reasons to visit your website. Create links to reliable external sources, such as associations or OSI content to enhance your site's credibility and improve referencing.

Share photos of the interior and exterior of your clinic to help potential patients familiarize themselves with your facility. Additionally, offer practical features, such as online appointment booking, access to a patient portal, or the ability to order contact lenses.

Does your website need a redesign or update? OSI offers website creation and hosting services. To learn more, visit or contact your Practice Advisor.


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