Spotlight of the month: Family Eyecare Centre


Comprehensive eye care with personalized service

Family Eyecare of Victoria is a thriving practice in British Columbia focused on evolving eyecare to exceed the expectations of their patients. Originally owned by Dr. Guy Stewart who became an OSI Member in 1988, the clinic was acquired by Dr. Judith LeRoy and Dr. Nazima Sangha who now head up a team of 12 with their clinic manager Carleen. They look forward to continuing the legacy of comprehensive eye care with personalized service, which now includes glaucoma management and vision therapy.

The clinic frequently schedules time with their OSI practice advisor, using the training available to ensure their team is able to deliver top standards of care and keep up with changing patient expectations. Recently the clinic completed a Patient Experience Plan exercise, bringing their team together to develop consistency of care though a comprehensive plan followed by staff at each patient “touch point” throughout the clinic. Their team focused on ways to WOW the patient and personalize the experience in keeping with their mission. The result was a dramatic increase in teamwork and raving reviews from patients

As Optosys users, the clinic has benefitted from improved efficiency with email recalls and online eBooking features. Patients have commented on the modern and convenient process, which is helping attract new patients and retain loyalty. Once the optometrists have completed their paperless exam, their Rx is digitally transmitted to the dispensary, where the optical showroom staff uses the electronic lab form submission to reduce time spent ordering and speed up their delivery of eyewear. Carleen is also able to monitor Key Performance Indicators with Optometrics reporting to ensure that the owners know how their clinic is progressing each month.

Recently the clinic became partners in the new Vision Avenue eCommerce program and they appreciated the upscale appeal of this valued offering along with the ability to position themselves to the younger eyewear consumer. With their online booking feature activated on they can benefit from additional Web presence in their market.

Family Eyecare Centre also hosts a leading edge Integrated Vision Therapy Program, run by Dr. Nazima Sangha, and patients who have completed the program under her care have written touching testimonials about how the improvement in their vision has increased their confidence and their ability to progress in life.

Family Eyecare of Victoria

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