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OSI SUMMIT EAST 2024: A Resounding Success in Halifax

June 26, 2024

The OSI Summit East had Halifax’s Marriot Harbourfront Hotel echoing with innovation and collaboration. From June 7-9, 2024, this landmark event united optometry professionals in a weekend brimming with rich discussions, groundbreaking ideas, and community passion. 

The summit kicked off with the inaugural OSI Expo where members met with suppliers, connected with peers, and engaged with industry visionaries. On the entertainment front, PEI comedian Patrick Ledwell brought the laughs with his closing standup set.

The following day, the summit transitioned seamlessly with a lineup of conferences and workshops. Among the highlights, keynote speaker Bill Carr gave a compelling talk on harnessing creativity to confront workplace conflict. 

During Saturday’s nautical-themed dinner party, OSI Group CEO Patrice Lacoste honoured Insight Optometry’s Dr. Paul Gray for his dedication as a board member and chairman. Dr. Gray’s dedication has profoundly contributed to OSI Group’s success and the promotion of independent optometry.

The event wrapped up on Sunday with a workshop on dry eyes featuring Drs. Jordan Friedman and Kerry Salsberg, OSI Members from Eyes on Sheppard, a multi-doctor practice in Toronto.

Reflecting on the weekend, OSI Board Member Dr. Karine Briand noted, “It was great to spend time with my peers and to meet future optometrists from University of Waterloo and Université de Montreal. It’s rewarding to see how much the next generation is interested in having a career in independent optometry.” 

As OSI Group looks forward to its upcoming summit—happening October 25-27 at Vancouver’s Fairmont Hotel—it continues to foster the spirit of community and innovation that defines its network.


Established in 1982, OSI Group is a leader in supporting and developing value-added services for independent optometry clinics throughout Canada. Headquartered in Montreal, the company is dedicated to empowering its members through community engagement and knowledge sharing.


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