Spotlight of the month: ST. PAUL EYECARE IN ST. PAUL, ALBERTA

August 15, 2018

St. Paul Eyecare might be a small one-lane clinic in a small town in East- Central Alberta, but the knowledge and professionalism of its staff have been key to its continued growth and recognition in the entire region. Founded by Dr. Kassandra Shaw, St. Paul Eyecare is now adding a second OD—Dr. Wyatt Shaw—to its staff. With also two full-time optometric assistants and one part-time reception assistant, this clinic has been offering top-quality eyecare to the residents of St. Paul and beyond since 2017, as well as promoting local businesses, community involvement and individuality among Albertans.

Dr. Kassandra Shaw is proud of her success to this day but continues to take every action to provide a better service and care to her patients and her staff too. As a matter of fact, St. Paul Eyecare’s team have attended several events and networking activities such as the OSI’s Leadership and Management Program, the OSI National Summit in Lake Louise, the Expand your Eye Q Program, OSI’s new online OD Forum, Private Label options and other training programs and presentations on the eyecare industry as well as on business development. “A highlight of these learning experiences was the OSI’s Leadership and Management Program. I can’t say enough about how truly amazing this program is. It outlines everything you need to know to make your practice successful. It gives so much guidance to setting up an office, understanding policies, etc., which is essential when you are establishing a brand-new business,” says Dr. Shaw. But their continuous efforts to enhance their knowledge and improve their services and care do not stop there. “For instance, my staff are attending the Expand your Eye Q Program (they started 3–6 months in). A module a week is what I will be doing moving forward based on learning experience. I also designed a comprehensive test at the end for my staff. This would act as a precursor to the AAO optometric assistant program,” she explains.

A testimony of their excellent, unrivalled customer service and patient care, as well as of their community involvement, are the multiple likes, comments and positive reviews on social media since their opening last year. Patients and customers in the St. Paul area now have a reliable eyecare centre at their doorstep. The long wait times to book an eye exam, the two-hour drive to Edmonton to a reliable eyecare facility, the search for affordable eyewear in East-Central Alberta … all that is old hat!

Dr. Kassandra Shaw and her team are good examples of a new generation of ODs and eyecare professionals in Canada striving to acquire new knowledge of the industry and offering second-to-none care, services and products to Canadians of all ages in smaller communities from coast to coast.

St. Paul EyecareSt. Paul Eyecare

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