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Are you looking to sell your clinic?

February 16, 2021

For years, you’ve put time and effort into your practice. You’ve worked hard to help it become the successful business it is today. Now, you’re ready to turn the page — it is time for you to take the steps to ensure that your clinic remains independent well into its next chapter.

Did you know that we offer OSI Group members the chance to share information about partnership opportunities or clinics for purchase or sale with other members? Best of all, it is totally confidential.

3 great reasons why you should let fellow OSI Group members know if you are selling your clinic or seeking a partnership:

  1. Your Regional Account Manager has an extensive network of independent optometrist contacts and can connect you with optometrists looking to acquire a new clinic.
  2. All information regarding a potential sale or purchase of a clinic is kept entirely confidential, so other optometrists will not be able to identify you.
  3. This is an efficient way for you to find a buyer and ensure your clinic remains independent into its future.

Contact your Regional Account Manager or send an email to to share news about your partnership opportunities, clinic sale, or desire to purchase.

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