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Spotlight: Chaleur Optometry Clinic

July 4, 2021

When the Practice of Optometry Meets the Heart

Dr. Joceline Maillet-Boudreau’s dynamism shines through at the very first glance. The Chaleur Optometry Clinic that she manages was founded in 1984 by Dr. Alain Desjardins in Bathurst, New Brunswick. She acquired the business in 2013 and just two years later, the clinic received the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Excellence Award.

Over the years, the clinic’s 3,000 in-stock frames and flawless service have helped establish a solid reputation and renewed clientele through word-of-mouth in the region. To further enhance its visibility, the clinic recently launched a brand-new website created in collaboration with the OSI Group.

With two examination rooms already in place, Dr. Maillet-Boudreau plans to expand the clinic in the near future to meet the increasing operational needs. The Chaleur Optometry Clinic is also equipped with an on-site edging and mounting laboratory in order to offer same-day service to its patients.

New technological advances as well as innovations in customer experience are closely monitored and have been incorporated into the operation of the optometry practice. The clinic is also the first in its beautiful province to offer the Avenue Eyewear collection. The collection is exclusive to OSI Group members and is available at an affordable price for the patient. It also provides an increased presence on the Web thanks to the partner locator on the Avenue Eyewear website.

The Chaleur Optometry Clinic focuses on offering quality products for all budgets. Prestigious frame brands are showcased as well as more budget-friendly options.

Dr. Joceline Maillet-Boudreau

Dr. Alain Desjardins

“We are pleased to offer Hoya’s Maestro lenses, OSI Group’s private label, which enables the clinic to provide a high-performance product at a lower price,” says Dr. Maillet-Boudreau.

Dr. Maillet-Boudreau relies on an experienced team of professionals, each responsible for a specific aspect of the clinic’s activities. This approach highlights the contribution of each staff member while ensuring the efficiency of the various departments. Many of the employees have between 10 and 20 years of service, reflecting their loyalty to their workplace.

The Optosys software, which has been in place at the clinic for a few years now, helps optimize the time spent on administrative tasks thanks, among others, to the Order module, which reduces delivery times and the risk of errors in supplier orders. The OSI Digital Signage solution is also used to inform patients about the products offered by the clinic and on several eye health related topics.

Dr. Maillet-Boudreau is not only a businesswoman, but she is also a woman with a heart. For the past 20 years, she has been offering her services to several seniors’ homes in the region. “I see between 20 and 25 patients per visit in order to provide maximum care to residents who cannot travel to a clinic. Contributing to the eye health of patients is also about improving their quality of life,” says Dr. Maillet-Boudreau. She checks their visual acuity, performs autorefractometry, tonometry, ophthalmoscopy, pupillary reflexes and suggests a range of glasses, if necessary. Delivery and fitting of frames are also done on site. Her involvement in the community does not end there, as she has also been a member of the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation’s executive committee for almost two years.

In addition to practicing optometry for 23 years now, Dr. Maillet-Boudreau is also extremely active in sports, which has been an integral part of her life for 30 years. She is passionate about marathons, half-marathons, and physical training. She also makes time for the beautiful nearby beaches of Bathurst, spends time in nature and travels. With such an active and dedicated optometrist, the future looks bright for the Chaleur Optometry Clinic!

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