About Us

An entrepreneurship resource and expertise center

Vision Entrepreneur is a hub of resources and expertise in entrepreneurship for independent eye care professionals.

We support optometrists, facilitating the process at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey, whether that means opening a new clinic, developing a partnership with an existing clinic, or planning the sale of an optometry practice.

Here are the three areas of focus at the heart of our mission:


Our goal is to democratize access to information about entrepreneurship in the optical industry. We feel that it is essential for entrepreneurs in the optical industry to have access to a platform that gathers all the resources and expertise needed to guide individuals in starting up or selling a clinic.


The secret ingredient to any entrepreneurial venture is proper planning. Vision Entrepreneur provides step-by-step guides for starting, buying or selling an optometry clinic. With this handy resource of expertise and information at their disposal, eye care professionals can quickly determine the right course of action for all of their needs.


Over the years, we've heard many success stories from independent optometrists. We want you to feel inspired by them, and that's why we'll share these experiences with you. Discover the best practices and the steps that led to the successful start-up or sale of your colleagues' visual clinic.