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Confidentiality and Exclusivity Agreement Template

Protect your confidential information during discussions with other parties. Contact Vision Entrepreneur team to find out how you can get your confidentiality and exclusivity agreement template.

All eye care professionals are strongly encouraged to begin any business discussion by jointly signing a confidentiality and exclusivity agreement.


The confidentiality portion will ensure that all information you share will remain confidential. It also means that all information that is shared with you must be kept confidential. This clause may also include the names of other parties with whom the information will be shared (for example, your accountant).


The exclusivity portion involves exclusivity of discussions and negotiations between the two parties. The practice evaluation process by the optometrist-buyer usually incurs costs. Therefore, it is normal for the potential buyer to want to ensure that the discussions with you are exclusive.

Vision Entrepreneur has developed a confidentiality and exclusivity agreement template designed specifically for eyecare professionals. Contact us for more information on the services offered by Vision Entrepreneur program.

Modèles d’entente de confidentialité et d’exclusivité