Becoming a Successful Clinic Owner

You’re about to take those first crucial steps toward your practice. And while we’re sure your education has you confidently positioned, running your own clinic requires much more than optometry expertise.

You need a winning strategy to manage operations efficiently and establish a competitive presence.

Vision entrepreneur increases your chances of entrepreneurial success by helping you navigate smart business decisions and operational efficiency. Guided by a coach, you’ll plan, train, network, and set your clinic’s foundation for the years and decades to come.

The program offers


Develop a personalized coaching plan with a one-on-one mentor.


Access robust tools and resources to plan your entrepreneurial journey.

Financial planning

Discover financing solutions and learn how to secure a business loan.


Develop your business management skills to streamline operations.

OSI Webinars and Events

Gain access to industry-leading learning sessions, both live and pre-recorded.


Get more opportunities by connecting with industry experts and suppliers.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

To learn more about how we assist you throughout all stages of your practice, contact our Vision Entrepreneur team.

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