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Gain business insights on subjects such as opening a practice, developing a partnership, planning the sale of an optometry practice and more.


Starting a business

How do I start a business? Do I need to consult a specialist? What documents do I have to complete? Which elements do I need to take into consideration? How much will it cost? How long will it take? One question undeniably leads to another. My goal with this article is to guide you through the process of starting your business. It is a process that may be intimidating at first but, with proper guidance, actually proves to be more straightforward than it seems. Here is what you need to know:



The Importance of Google My Business in an Optometry Practice

Wondering how Google My Business can benefit your eyecare business? Learn more about setting it up and optimizing your account to maximize lead generation!



The Importance Of Curb Appeal For Your Clinic

We use the term curb appeal to describe the general attractiveness of a property, as seen from the street or parking lot. Indeed, it’s a major component of how customers or prospective buyers form opinions about your business. And although it may not seem like it affects day-to-day operations the most, a business’s property and surrounding area are powerful decision-making factors for prospective buyers and patients (especially when we’re discussing the curb appeal of service-oriented businesses)!



How to plan my business forecast when opening an optometry clinic?

When establishing an optometry clinic, the preparation of a business forecast is essential. A key element of the business plan, the business forecast is a financial document whose main purpose is to display the viability of the clinic to financial partners.



Investing in What you Know: Optometry

Investing is really spending time and/or money on something with the hope of increasing its value. I use the term “hope” because most people have no idea if spending their time or money on something is a wise decision. So how do you make it a wise decision? How do you ensure that your investment in an independent optometry clinic will produce a positive return?


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