Selling Your Practice or Finding a Partner

Your practice is likely your most valuable asset. So, when it comes time to sell or plan your succession, you want to be well informed of market realities and ready to seize the most opportune moment. To set you on the right course, Vision Entrepreneur offers invaluable planning tools and resources. And the best part is—it’s free for OSI members!

Gain privileged access to articles, guides, webinars, and networking opportunities that help guide a winning succession plan. Ready your practice for the next generation, and rest easy knowing that your heritage is protected.

The program offers


Gain access to detailed plans and legal templates.

Education centre

Inform yourself with members-only articles, success stories, and webinars.


Get into contact with OD candidates and financial experts to assist with your clinic’s valuation.

And we reiterate—the service is absolutely
FREE for OSI members!

If you’re not yet reaping the benefits of Vision Entrepreneur and want to learn more, speak with one of our coaches now. And if you’re interested in becoming an OSI member for unlimited access to these resources (plus a slew of other industry tools and perks), we’re here to walk you through the process.

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