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Gain business insights on subjects such as opening a practice, developing a partnership, planning the sale of an optometry practice and more.


Tanisha Bomboir rolls with the punches

As part of our focus on women in optometry, we wanted to highlight the next generation of women with one rising star: Tanisha Bomboir.



Planning the succession of your optometry clinic

Our wealth management team helps you with your decision to sell your optometry clinic and paves a path forward. Indeed, to get the most out of your business, the first step is to have a sales plan that covers all angles, ensuring a smooth transition for everyone.



Investing in What you Know: Optometry

Investing is really spending time and/or money on something with the hope of increasing its value. I use the term “hope” because most people have no idea if spending their time or money on something is a wise decision. So how do you make it a wise decision? How do you ensure that your investment in an independent optometry clinic will produce a positive return?



What is the value of my optometry practice?

Whether you are planning for succession, welcoming new partners or simply taking stock of the health of your optometry business, it is important to know the value of your practice.



Three aspects that will have an impact on the financing conditions of your optometry clinic

As a healthcare professional, becoming an entrepreneur and owner is a big step. Surrounding yourself with seasoned professionals such as an accountant and a banker to help you through the process is a must. While some steps are clear, the process of obtaining loan for your optometry practice can be confusing.


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