5 Key Benefits of Having an Optometry Practice Website

There is no business too small, too niche, or even too popular, to not have a modern, updated, website. In today’s connected world, the ability to reach your audience online is a necessity. This is especially true if you’re starting an optometry practice from the ground up. 

Are you visible and available to your potential patients? Without a website, you aren’t nearly as accessible to people as you might think. But the importance of a web presence goes beyond simple visibility. 

Read on to learn the benefits of having an optometry business website: 

1. Attracting new patients

Gone are the days when foot traffic or telephone directories were the primary drivers of new business. If you’re starting a practice cold, you may or may not have a roster of patients already. 

Even if you are taking patients with you from an old practice or partnership, how will you ensure your schedule stays full? If patients move out of the local area, or switch practices, you’ll need to attract new patients to stay busy.  

A website lets people know you’re open for business—and here to stay. 

2. Better branding reaches the right people

If a prospective patient hasn’t met you yet, your online presence is a chance for them to get to know you. Websites help to connect you not just with any patients, but with the right patients for your practice.  

Your website is a great place to showcase your personality, your brand, and your approach to optometry. If your focus is on high-end frames, let patients know they can find the latest styles and best brands in your stunning optical boutique. Does your ideal patient have a young family? Your website should include family-friendly imagery to make it very clear that children are welcome.  

Websites are the online extension of your practice. They promote your brand 24/7, selling to the world even while you sleep. 

3. Enticing people to act

Websites offer a call-to-action. Sure, people might find you organically, but what are they supposed to do after discovering your practice? Your website tells people what to do next—book their appointment, stop in and buy sunglasses, or order contact lenses. 

You can give people all kinds of information, but it’s important they know what to do with it. Your website acts as guide for patients, directing them in how to proceed. Make sure that “Book Appointment” button is front and centre! 

4. Trust and credibility

New practices need to build trust and legitimacy and there’s no better way to do that than with a professional online presence. Having a website makes you credible in the eyes of patients.  

Potential patients see a functional, attractive website, and are instantly able to get to know you better. Websites, particularly those with robust “About Us” sections, lend authenticity to your practice.  

5. Keeping in contact

Websites are a great way to keep in touch with your patients. Changing your hours? Adding a new dry eye treatment? Let patients know by putting the information online. 

Having a website with updated information cuts down on time-consuming phone calls too. Websites often allow for user-driven appointment bookings, leaving your office staff free to attend to other matters.  

Enlist some help

It should go without saying that your website needs to be SEO and user-friendly, up-to-date, and attractive. Enlisting some help from a professional marketing firm can ensure your site is found quickly through search engines. Vision Entrepreneur team can refer you to IT and marketing industry experts that can help you create your own optometry website and manage your marketing strategy. Contact Vision Entrepreneur to know more about their services. 

The world is online these days and if you want people to find your practice, you shouldn’t be shy about asking for some assistance.

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As a Senior Copywriter at Marketing4ECPs, Kristy Koehler spends her days crafting creative content for eye care practices all over North America. Whether it’s social media, website pages, newsletters, or marketing materials, if it wants words, she’s on it!