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January 17, 2024

As you stand at the threshold of your career in optometry, you're faced with a challenging decision: work for a large chain or embrace independence by starting your own clinic. While both paths have their merits, opting for career autonomy can be exceptionally rewarding.

Embrace Professional Autonomy

Being independent means having complete control over your optometry clinic, your schedule, and your approach to patient care. You have the opportunity to specialize in an area that fascinates you, tailoring services to the needs of your community. Take, for example, Guillaume Landry-Proulx, a young optometrist from Baie-Comeau, who chose independence: "I enjoy an incredible quality of life, benefitting from a flexible schedule without the need to work evenings or weekends."

Forge Deep Connections with Your Patients

As an independent optometrist, you can dedicate more time to each patient, understand their concerns more deeply, and provide high-quality, personalized care. You'll also play a key role in the well-being of your community as a local healthcare professional. Landry-Proulx adds, "It allows me to prioritize quality over quantity. After a year working for a chain in downtown Montreal, I realized that a volume-focused model was not for me."

Benefit from Financial Growth Potential

While starting your own clinic may require a more significant initial investment, the long-term financial growth potential often surpasses that of a salaried optometrist position. As the owner, you can generate higher revenue and benefit from the resale value of your business. Now the owner of Centre Visuel Manicouagan, Landry-Proulx finds increasing joy in his work. Having launched a dry eye clinic and built an examination room, he now aims to expand his team.

Combine Innovation and Adaptability

As an owner of an independent clinic, you have the freedom to innovate and quickly adapt to market changes, technological advancements, and evolving patient expectations. Laurent Nantel-Levreault, a young optometrist, shares his experience: "My practice in Sherbrooke enhances my ability to cover a wide range of skills and interests. This includes the latitude and capacity to develop areas of expertise and establish priorities based on real needs."

Enjoy Professional Satisfaction

Every day, you witness the direct results of your work and the positive impact on your patients' lives. Additionally, the challenge of managing your own clinic can be a source of personal and professional fulfillment. Fascinated since childhood by the equipment used in his eye exams, Nantel-Levreault has always dreamed of a career in optometry: "After my studies, I was fortunate to intern at an independent OPTOPLUS clinic, where I will practice post-graduation. In my opinion, working in a constantly evolving field while being independent is the best of both worlds."

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